From Thailand to Italy: travel tips

For some time now the number of flights connecting Thailand to Italy has increased exponentially. Of course, we must say that air tickets are not exactly among the cheapest you can buy (a flight from Bangkok to Milan in economy class can reach and exceed the remarkable figure of one thousand dollars), but it is still true that it will be worth it anyway.

Almost all the main Thai airports offer connections with Italy, but the planned routes do not allow to reach all the cities of interest. In many cases, the airport will schedule flights in Milan, Rome or Bologna, from where it will be necessary to move around the country by other means or by using connections.

Finally, it is useful to know that the journey is quite long in terms of hours in flight and that, even if you decide to choose a trip for which a single stop is planned, it may take between 16 and 36 hours on average (of course, connecting flights are not included in the list).

Among the companies that offer flight to Italy we can mention AirFrance, Alitalia, British Airways, Brussels Airlines, Eva Air, KLM, Lufthansa sand The Airways International.

Practical advice

One of the first difficulties that the tourist coming from Thailand must face in order to be able to enjoy Italy at its best, is the need to find a valid means of transport that can in some way connect the destination city to the place where the hotel is located.

To organize the holiday, the best and safest bet is to go for Italian travel agencies specialized in dealing with foreign tourists, like Nancy Aiello tours in Italy or Chrissima tours. Those agencies can deal easily with the tourist visa, and all the paperwork needed to go Italy. In general, travel agencies may also be involved, but in any case, it is necessary to regulate your position at the police station, at the embassy or at the post office within 7 days of arrival.

The jet leg is 5/6 hours (summer/winter time), the currency used is the euro, the climate is generally mild.