How to stay safe (and happy) in Thailand

How to stay safe (and happy) in Thailand

buddhaLet’s begin with some general rule for safety when traveling in Thailand. Given that the political situation in the country is far from stable, you should update in advance of the possibility of riots, demonstrations and / or situations that may endanger your permanence in this asiatic country.

In most cases, all the resorts frequented by foreign travelers are safe enough. The areas considered at risk are the 3 southern provinces bordering Malaysia, namely Yala, Pattani and Narathiwat, as well as the provinces of Satun and Songkhla. Other areas of the country not entirely safe are those situated on the border with Laos, Burma and Cambodia.

Depending on the contry where you live, you can have different habits from thailandese people, so misunderstandings can be very common. Here is a set of rules to keep a good behavior and avoid to find yourself in uncomfortable situations during your stay in Thailand.

First of all you need to behave in a respectful and polite way, in every situation. Never lift your voice in public and do not argue, neither with Thai people nor with your family, as for the locals the fact to lose control of themselves is seen as a very bad thing.

Never touch the head of a Thai, even if they are children or touch the body of a Thai with your foot. You should also never point your feet in the direction of a Thai or a statue of Buddha.

When greeting a Thai is better to avoid handshaking but prefer to put your palms together (as if to pray) and make a little bow with your head.

One very important to always remember regards visits to temples or to sacred areas in Thailand. Here is needed to keep a respectful behaviour, so avoid to shout, do not kiss your partner, to not point with your feet, always dress properly (no shorts, low-cut shirts, short skirts and so on) and, very important, remember to take your shoes off while entering in a temple (this rules apply also to enter in someone else’s house).

At the end remember to never, never, never offend the royal family, as you can face imprisonment.